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Comments like these along with lots of frustrations fade away as kids know what is expected of them each day.

After teaching for years and having a child who struggled a LOT with anxiety and ability to focus, I developed these schedule and routine charts for parents, therapists and teachers to help kids know what to expect.

Helping kids know what to expect:


Kids don’t have to worry about what is coming up or if they will be able to do ______ activity that day.  When they are at peace, you are more at peace which also helps!


From learning social skills to academics, when children’s anxiety levels are reduced, their brains are able to take in and retain information at SIGNIFICANTLY increased rates.


When kids are at peace knowing what is ahead, they can focus on the one or two current activities they need to accomplish.


When anxieties are reduced and learning and focus are increased, children thrive.

These charts are made to be:


My day’s schedule often changes from day to day. Sometimes, things I planned for the afternoon get moved around. Therefore, I created a chart system that could flex with me and our life!


The visuals combined with text help children of all levels become independent.


Kids learn as they do. Each chart allows kids to move items which sends messages to their brain that progress is happening, that they have accomplished something and are ready to get going.

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Scheduling Chart:

Purchase either the 20 pocket schedule chart which comes with the schedule cards or you may purchase the schedule cards alone and put magnets on the back to be used on your refrigerator or magnetic board.

How to Use: Take out the cards you need, place them in the order you desire, put the clip on the top one, store the remainder cards in the velcro pocket at the bottom of the chart and be ready to start your day or class! Change up the cards for days at home as needed.

These charts come with a pointer clip for children to move down the chart as the day’s activities occur. It also comes with a star clip to place on a reward or fun activity that is coming that day. This works great to help focus minds on what they need to be doing.

Routine Chart:

Purchase either the 1- pocket routine chart which comes with the routine cards or simply purchase the routine cards alone and put magnets on the back to be used on your refrigerator or magnetic board.

How to Use: Place all of the cards you want to use face up under the morning or bedtime routine headers. Place the chore cards at the bottom of the chart. As the child completes one of the activities, have them turn the card over to the “done” side and do the next activity. The last activity of the day will be to turn all of the cards back over to be ready for the next day. The routine chart helps kids become independent and responsible.