Katina is a high energy, relatable and engaging speaker who roots her teaching in God’s word while also utilizing brain based research and strategies as well her 20 years of experience in both academic and spiritual training of children.

Speaking topics:

Guiding the Heart of Your Child:

We are often prone to use behavior management strategies that may get short term results of good behavior for our children.  However, these strategies focus more on teaching children what they need to do to get what they want in that moment.  This falls significantly short of guiding children’s hearts to love Jesus, know his character and therefore desire obedience for the long term.  In your time together, Katina will help your event attendees to:

  • Understand God’s goals for children compared to our culture’s goals for children
  • Use the spontaneous, planned and discipline moments in life to help kids truly love Jesus instead of merely being “good” kids
  • Redirect the hearts of children in everyday teachable moments using key scriptures and 6 key concepts about God
  • Utilize discipline moments to help children understand the struggle and battle within their heart while getting at the root issues.
  • Train children to identify and replace the lies they are believing with truths from God.  This naturally results in “good fruit” or “good behavior.”

Creating Meaningful Interiors

Research shows our environment significantly effect our thoughts, emotions and actions.  Deuteronomy encourages us to post truths from the Lord on our doorpost and other places to train the hearts of our families.  I believe our homes should be greenhouses where families grow and thrive.   The interior design features you select for your space can facilitate this purpose.  We will discuss how color, furniture arrangement, interactive walls, connection spaces and more can be utilized to create stylish homes that evoke meaningful experiences where memories are made, minds are engaged and souls are shaped.  Katina also owns Ally Lane Interiors helping families create meaningful spaces.  Visit www.allylaneinteriors.com for more information.

Participants will:

  • Gain five principles and many strategies and practical tips on how to turn their homes into meaningful spaces that express the individual personalities of their families, inspire and restore them while cultivation the relationships within.
  • Define their family values that drive their interior selections
  • Determine design guidelines specific to their personalities and those of family members
  • Gain specific design ideas to utilize in their homes to facilitate these values

Sensory Design

Our brain is primarily a sensory processing machine.  Certain environments can stimulate the brain more than others.  Participants will learn various principles and strategies that will help stimulate, calm and anchor various types of brains from those with anxiety, ADHD, and more.

Turning Frustrating Days into Joy Filled Mind Developing Days

Keeping all children engaged and joyfully learning and growing throughout the day is a huge challenge for all parents whether you are juggling a household of preschool or elementary children through typical summer days, homeschooling or working with children on homework.  In your time together, Katina will help your attendees:

  • Gain 6 brain based strategies they can implement into their days to help keep children engaged and their minds developing while also helping daily life run smoothly.
  • Boost learning in their children by utilizing simple techniques they can easily integrate into their current activities
  • Increase both the children and parents love for learning and working together

If you would like to discuss the possibility of Katina coming to speak with your group, please email katina@heartznmindz.com or call 469-536-4968.  We look forward to walking this journey of life with you.