Routine Chart


Routine Pocket Chart with Cards:

  • 11.5″ wide x 34″ long
  • 10 clear vinyl pockets used to display and easily change out cards
  • Velcro closure pocket is located at the bottom of the chart to store unused cards
  • Additional stiffening interior creates a firm chart to hold cards well
  • Comes in a variety of fabric patterns.  Contact Katina to see what current stock is.
  • 25 Routine Cards included
  • View the image of fabric options to select your front and back fabrics for your custom made chart
  • Ships in 2-5 business days
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Product Description

The routine chart has 10 clear pockets wide enough to hold two columns of cards.  Place the yellow morning routine cards on the left and the blue bedtime routine cards on the right.  Green chore cards can be placed in the bottom pockets.  As the child completes each task, they can turn over the card to the “Done” side.

Contact Katina at for information on what fabric patterns are currently in stock to order.

This package includes:

  • 10 pocket chart 11.5″ wide x 34″ long with grommets to hang and velcro closure pockets to hold the cards
  • Instruction guide
  • 2″ x 4″ Yellow border morning routine cards as follows:
    • Go to bathroom
    • Make Bed
    • Clean Room
    • Turn off Lights
    • Get Dressed
    • Brush Your Teeth
    • Brush Your Hair
  • 2″ x 4″ Blue border routine cards as follows:
    • Put on P.J’s
    • Go to Bathroom
    • Brush Your Teeth
    • Prayer/ Bible
  • 2″ x 4″ Green border routine cards as follows:
    • Empty Silverware
    • Trash
    • Laundry
    • Clean Baseboards
    • Clean Baths
    • Clean Room
    • Clean Floors
    • Dust
    • Feed Pet
    • Water Plants
    • Set Table
    • Clean Windows
    • Wash Dishes