An interactive and visual tool to help train the hearts of children

With Instruction and Activity Guide

Using the analogy from Jeremiah 17 : 5-10, the Heart Board helps parents and teachers focus their spiritual instruction on training the hearts of children to trust and put their confidence in our great God which produces the lasting fruit of good behavior instead of merely teaching them to “show” good behavior.  While teaching six core beliefs about God, the board guides children through the process of loving God, repenting when they mess up and understanding that God heals and cleans their hearts when they sin giving them the freedom of forgiveness.  In addition, it guides them through the process of transforming the beliefs in their hearts from bad beliefs that produce bad fruit to true and good beliefs that produce good fruit.

The Heart Board can be used…

  • To role play situations
  • To chart characters hearts from children’s books, scripture and more
  • In discipline moments to walk children through the steps of confession, repentance and change

Simple Pre-K and older child belief and behavior cards are included in the package.

Watch the videos to learn more about the heart board and see it being used with a child in a discipline moment.

Package Includes:

  • Dry Erase Heart Board w/ pegs to hold cards
  • Guide with 64 pages full of instructions, scriptures, role plays and simple activities to teach the six core beliefs
  • Marker w/ eraser
  • Reversible Cards for each of the following beliefs:
    • God is Loving
    • God is BIG
    • God Saves Sinners
    • God is Wise
    • God is the Greatest
    • God is in Charge of Everything
  • Good/ Bad Behavior Cards for the following:
    • Thankfulness/ Complaining
    • Trustworthy/ Irresponsible
    • Getting Along with Others/ Arguing
    • Complimenting Others/ Boasting
    • Self-Control/ Anger
    • Encouraging Words/ Mean Words
    • Kindess/ Unkindess
    • Telling the Truth/ Lying
    • Listening/ Ignoring
    • Obeying/ Disobeying
    • Working Hard/ Laziness
    • Patience/ Impatience
    • Trusting God/ Worry
    • Forgiving/ Unforgiving
  • Pre-K Good/ Bad Fruit Card
  • Pre-K True/ Bad Belief Card
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