Heartz and Mindz utilizes creative and brain based methods to help develop the hearts and minds of uniquely designed children and families for the glory of God.  


Our resources use various methods such as stories, drama, art, kinesthetic activities, interactive play, metaphors and more.  When a variety of creative methods are utilized, learning becomes not only fun, but also “sticky”, meaning it helps us retain concepts and information.


In creating resources, we’ve taken into consideration methods that help our brains capture, keep and utilize the knowledge we are learning.


Behavior is a result of what our hearts know and love.  Therefore, many of Heartz N Mindz writings and resources will focus on pushing kids to Know and Love Jesus and His gospel instead of on methods to manipulate behavior in hopes of creating a “short term good kid.”  “Above all else guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”  Prov. 4:23


Although we’re not experts in all of the various learning challenges, we have spent considerable time learning to help kids with ADHD, speech delays, and other social, emotional and cognitive issues in addition to teaching kids of various ages all academic areas.  We LOVE great literature, developing higher order thinking skills, encouraging entrepreneurial minds and making learning fun!   Therefore you will find many resources to help develop the minds of all children.


We LOVE that God created us all UNIQUE!  Maybe that’s the creative part of us speaking.   One  method doesn’t work for all.  Each person is “smart” in different ways, obtains and processes information differently, and has unique personalities with various strengths and weaknesses.  Therefore, you will find various strategies suggested to teach and engage UNIQUE individuals.


Raising up the next generation is a high calling in need of a BIG God.  In a culture that wants our children to place their identity in their appearance, social status, abilities, possessions and more, it is a battle to focus their hearts on the only true God that can provide eternal peace and joy.  Therefore, our resources are designed to help parents, teachers, families, and churches develop the hearts and minds of kids.


Our culture tears apart families.  We hope to facilitate strong family connections through training parents, offering simple resources to use as families and more.

What do we really do?


You’ll find various articles on topics related to training up kids to love Jesus as well as developing their minds based on their individual academic abilities and needs.


And then there are a few great products we’ve developed to help you along the way.  Some products will focus on helping kids develop academically and emotionally.  Other products will focus on engaging kid’s hearts to love Jesus.


If you want to hear and learn more, Katina is available to come and speak at your event so check out the “Speaking and Training” page for more information on that.