Heart Board


An interactive and visual tool used to help train the hearts of children of all ages.  The Heart Board is also a great teaching tool for youth and parenting classes.  The package includes the heart board with pegs to hang cards, a 64 page activity guide, behavior and belief cards for both older children and the Pre-K version.  For more information, view the Heart Board Page here.


Product Description

An interactive and visual tool to help train the hearts of children.  See the Heart Board page for more details on how this product works.

Heart Board package includes:

  • Dry Erase Heart Board w/ pegs to hang cards
  • Guide with 64 pages full of instructions, scriptures, role plays and simple activities to teach the six core beliefs
  • Marker w/ eraser
  • Pre-K True/ Bad Belief Card
  • Pre-K Good/ Bad Behavior Apples
  • Reversible Cards for each of the following beliefs:
    • God is Loving
    • God is BIG
    • God Saves Sinners
    • God is Wise
    • God is the Greatest
    • God is in Charge of Everything
  • Good/ Bad Behavior Cards spiral bound for the following:
    • Thankfulness/ Complaining
    • Trustworthy/ Irresponsible
    • Getting Along with Others/ Arguing
    • Complimenting Others/ Boasting
    • Self-Control/ Anger
    • Encouraging Words/ Mean Words
    • Kindess/ Unkindess
    • Telling the Truth/ Lying
    • Listening/ Ignoring
    • Obeying/ Disobeying
    • Working Hard/ Laziness
    • Patience/ Impatience
    • Trusting God/ Worry
    • Forgiving/ Unforgiving